Category: Primer on Investing

Removal of Dividend Distribution Tax: How will you get impacted??

FM removed Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT) in the Union Budget 2020-21 and made dividends taxable in hands of the investors. We believe this is likely to shift the investors' money from dividend option to the growth options. Further, inclusion of TDS on dividend payout above Rs.5000/pa would also help in this kind of shift.

Do you bother to select the SIP date?

Do you have questions - “What is the right date for my SIP“ or “Can I get higher returns by spreading the mutual fund SIP across multiple dates”?? The answer is “SIP date does matter” but it depends whether you want to milk your investment to the last drop or you prefer the convenience of

Primer on KYC

KYC stands for “Know Your Customers”. You have to be KYC compliant if you wish to invest in the mutual funds. The intent behind the KYC documentation is to tackle the Money Laundering menace.

Basics on Mutual Fund

A Mutual Fund is a professionally-managed investment scheme, usually run by an AMC (Asset Management Company) pooling the savings of a number of investors sharing a common financial goal. The collected money is invested in stocks, bonds or other capital market instruments and the profits or losses are shared by investors in proportion to their