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Primer on NPS

The population of people more than 65 years old in India is growing at the fastest rate at the moment. Yet, according to a survey done by RBI, only 23% were saving or planning to save for their retirement. 7 out of 10 Indians expect their children to support them in their retirement. These alarming

Are you still doing Rearview mirror Investing?

You must have heard the ubiquitous disclosures by the MFs, "Past performance is not a guarantee of future results”. This standard footnote warns that extrapolating past trends could lead to a sizeable gap between expected and realized returns. However, we rarely follow this advice in practice. Often we have seen investors buying MF or any other

Corporate Tax Rate Cut: FM’s Master Stroke brings in Diwali cheers

FM's decisive step to pump-prime the economy brought cheers to the market. Corporate head honchos contemplate this move as a strong signal that the incumbent government is prepared to take bold steps to revive the economy. This stimulus will help kick-start the next big virtuous economic cycle by reviving the Capex and market sentiments.

Market Outlook & Investment Strategy – September 2019

In the current market scenario, staggered investments through SIP or STP along with some tactical lump-sum exposure to good funds from beaten-down mid-cap and small-cap categories might remain the best way to invest in equity as an asset class. So, it is always beneficial to stick to your investment strategy rather than chasing quick returns

Do you bother to select the SIP date?

Do you have questions - “What is the right date for my SIP“ or “Can I get higher returns by spreading the mutual fund SIP across multiple dates”?? The answer is “SIP date does matter” but it depends whether you want to milk your investment to the last drop or you prefer the convenience of

Thank God It’s Friday: 1st Round Of Stimulus By FM

Indian FM announced a slew of measures to help revive the economy and improve business/investor sentiments with a promise of more measures in the coming days. This is likely to improve investor sentiment and should drive at least a short-term bounce-back. The government has also given a clear signal that it acknowledges the economic slowdown

Are you confused: Large Cap or Mid Cap Funds?

Mid & Small-cap stocks had a phenomenal run during 2014-17 and therefore funds positioning themselves in these categories attracted money at an unprecedented pace. However, 2018 was not so lucky and Mid/Small Cap funds underperformed in a big way. The retail investors who were riding the bandwagon without realizing the imperative risk involved have been