Mutual Fund Tracker: October 2020

Monthly net outflow in Equity MFs continues for the 4th consecutive month; figures worsen from  previous month Equity MF saw a net outflow in the month of October (Rs. 2725 cr), for the fourth consecutive month, as investors preferred to continue booking profit. The sharp V-shaped recovery during last few months and change in the

Mutual Fund Tracker: September 2020

Equity MF saw a net outflow in the month of September (Rs.734 cr), for the third consecutive month, as investors preferred to continue booking profit in view of declining household cash-flows in prevailing uncertain economic environment. The sharp V-shaped recovery during last few months and change in the definition of multi-cap funds by SEBI are

Mutual Fund Tracker: August 2020

Most of the equity mutual fund categories witnessed redemption during the month of August 2020, which marked the 5th sequential decline in inflows in equity mutual fund category. except sectoral/thematic category. Debt mutual fund schemes also felt the redemption pressure during August after a strong inflow in the previous month.

Impact of SEBI’s revised asset allocation guidelines for Multicap Funds

SEBI’s revised asset allocation guidelines for Multi-Cap Funds would translate into Rs.14,300 cr and Rs.28,000 cr of inflows to Mid-Cap and Small-Cap companies while it could lead to potential outflow of Rs.34,000 cr from the Large-Cap category. In terms of percentage, large-cap could see ~32% of outflow while Mid-cap & Small-Cap categories, could see

Dream Series : Webinar 2

On 4th September, DreamLadder conducted its second webinar of the Dream Series. Given the rise of 43% of S&P BSE Healthcare Index this year,  investors were getting confused whether it is the right time to invest or not. To answer to questions like these and more, we invited Meeta Sheety as our guest speaker for

Mutual Fund Tracker: July 2020

Our monthly MF tracker captures the sectoral trends for the MF industry with focus on shift in any overweight/underweight position. It also looks into the top buys & sells during the previous month along with the cash holding positions. MFs have increased exposure to IT, Oil & gas and Healthcare sectors while reduced exposure to

Dream Series: Webinar 1

DreamLadder Capital conducted its first webinar on 8th August where we talked about the Market Outlook for August and the right strategy for investment. We started this initiative “Dream Series” to educate people on recent financial events and keep everyone in the loop. Speaker of this webinar was the CEO & Founder of Dreamladder, Mr.

Inter-Scheme Transfers by MFs: Are you a Sitting Duck?

In this article, we will examine the inter-scheme transfers done by most of the MF houses that have seen huge redemption pressure on their Credit Risk Funds. We will also give our view whether this warrant any review of your existing investment into these hybrid schemes.

Franklin Templeton Debt Fiasco

We have been flagging the risk involved in chasing the YTM without properly understanding the credit risk, interest rate risk, and liquidity risk associated with the papers owned by that particular fund, and today we stand vindicated. What really went wrong with the Pick of the Pack, where YTM obsessed investors always used to jump